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Fun in the Sun: Top Activities for Kids in Costa del Sol

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Planning a family vacation to Costa del Sol? Get ready for endless fun in the sun! With its sunny weather, golden beaches, and exciting attractions, this vibrant destination is a paradise for children and parents alike. Here’s a roundup of five must-do activities that promise to keep your kids entertained and smiling throughout your stay.

1. Sea Life Benalmadena

Dive into an underwater world at Sea Life Benalmadena, in Puerto Marina, where kids can marvel at fascinating marine creatures up close. From colourful fish to graceful sharks, the aquarium offers educational exhibits and interactive displays that inspire curiosity and wonder.

Reason to visit: Sea Life Benalmádena provides a captivating journey through the ocean depths, offering children the chance to learn about marine life conservation while enjoying up-close encounters with fascinating sea creatures.

2. Bioparc Fuengirola

Step into the wild at Bioparc Fuengirola, a unique zoo where animals roam freely in naturalistic habitats. From playful lemurs to majestic lions, kids will be mesmerized by close encounters with exotic wildlife. Don’t miss the immersive Madagascar exhibit!

Reason to visit: Bioparc Fuengirola offers an educational and thrilling experience, allowing children to learn about conservation while having fun observing animals in a simulated natural environment.

3. Selwo Aventura

Embark on a safari adventure at Selwo Aventura, in Estepona, where kids can encounter exotic animals from around the world. From giraffes to elephants, the park’s open-air exhibits provide an immersive wildlife experience. Don’t miss the thrilling zip line fly over the lake!

Reason to visit: Selwo Aventura offers a thrilling opportunity for children to connect with nature and learn about different species in an exciting and interactive setting.

4. Aventura Amazonia

Unleash your inner adventurer at Aventura Amazonia, an exhilarating treetop adventure park nestled in the heart of Marbella. With ziplines, rope bridges, and obstacle courses, it’s an adrenaline-pumping experience for kids of all ages.

Reason to visit: Aventura Amazonia provides a thrilling outdoor adventure that promotes physical activity and fosters a sense of confidence and achievement in children.

5. Jungle Family

Step into a world of wonder at the recently opened Jungle Family, next to Malaga’s airport, where kids can explore a multi-level indoor playground filled with slides, ball pits, and climbing structures. With designated toddler areas and a cosy café for parents, it’s the perfect spot for a day of indoor fun.

Reason to visit: Jungle Family provides a safe and stimulating environment for children to burn off energy and engage in imaginative play, making it an ideal escape for families seeking entertainment.

With these exciting activities, your family getaway to Costa del Sol is sure to be a memorable adventure filled with laughter, learning, and fun in the sun!

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